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CF-Steel Projects

​Indigo Hall

Project Type:
Assisted Living Facility - Roof Trusses
Location: Charleston, SC 
Sq Ft: 40,625 
Truss Count: 1,052 
Specs: 2' o.c. with 5/8" FRT Plywood 

Meadow Lane Elementary
Del Webb - Traditions

Project Type: Roof Trusses
Location: Goldsboro, NC
Sq Ft: 110,000     Truss Count: 1,200
Specs: 4' o.c. w/ metal deck

Project Type: Amenities Building-Roof Trusses
Location: Wake County, NC
Sq Ft: 18,990     Truss Count: 652
Specs: 4' o.c. w/ 16 gauge bent metal, shear bracing, outlookers, and metal deck. 

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